Alice in Wonderland Arthur Rackham

Take a journey through the wonder of  “Alice in Wonderland” with the lavishly restored illustrations of Arthur Rackham. One of the most beautiful and romantic versions of the Carroll tale ever designed is now totally renovated and expanded through a crisp and bright adaptation of the illustrations for a modern audience of all ages.


• Complete set of Interactive illustrated boards beautifully adapted for iPad and iPad Mini with animations, physical objects, and interactive sounds.
• Complete set of original boards presented in the Historical Notes section.
• Amazing environmental soundtracks inside the Interactive Boards.
• Help Guide to the Interactive Boards for the youngest readers.
• “Invisible ink objects” to play with on every text page, just touch the letters!
• Camera function to mix your portraits inside these wonderful compositions and save on your iPad or share with family and friends.
• Detailed navigation menus.
• Full texts in the original version and from the earliest translations: English (1856), French (1869), Italian (1871) and Spanish (1922).
• In addition, find rich and interesting historical notes about Arthur Rackham, his work, the world he worked in, and the context of Carroll’s fantastic book (English only).

-App designed for iPad™ (2nd, 3rd, 4th generation) iPad air™ and iPad mini™ all generations-
-Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German-

The Arthur Rackham’s “Alice in Wonderland” remains one the most important illustrated editions of the twentieth century and the first one ever made in color.  Far more evocative and detailed than the pasteboard models of John Tenniel, Alice’s first illustrator, Rackham’s “Alice” captures the new century, breaking with the traditional image that had restricted Carroll’s character at her first appearance.

  The ethereal and evocative images that Rackham created further inspires the imagination to follow him through the rabbit hole into this compelling story.

The application is enriched by a full set of Arthur Rackham’s original plates in their original proportions and frames as they appeared in the 1907 first printed editions. You can move between two different ways of enjoying Rackham’s work, the present and past, allowing you to explore the extraordinary work that this great illustrator used to bring Carroll’s work to life.

Designed to be read for all ages this is a personal treasure that can be shared and savored again and again.  Read it with any age you wish to share the magic of reading and this particularly powerful story with.

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