All aboard! Time to get on “A1000Seas”, the fun boat where your kids get to be the Captain. In this fantastic sea adventure you can navigate the seas with him and his funny yellow friend, Duck. You can pull the levers to steer the boat and follow the stars. You can explore the islands and discover the animals. You can bring other animals aboard. Animals can load and unload crates and cargo as you sail throughout the islands, inventing adventures.

– Animated boat, Captain and Duck, with sounds, soap bubbles, bell and speed lever
– Load and unload characters and cargo on and off Duck
– Change camera angle by swiping and pinching
– Navigate around the delightful scenery with sea, islands, boats and colourful fish
– Pirate island, Octopus island, active Volcano island – and many more
– No rules, no stress. Your kids can make any journey they want
– Child-friendly interface
– No third-party advertising
– No in-app purchases

“A1000Seas” is not just a game – it’s a playground where you and your kids choose just what you want to do. Where do animals want to get off the boat? Where would you like to unload the crate of flowers? Your kids can follow their imagination without boundaries, no rules to follow, no time limits, just like playing with a classic little wooden boat on a pond in the park.

“A1000Seas” is brought to you by “A1000Castles”, a publisher that makes digital books and playgrounds that enrich children’s imaginations during play. In our products you’ll find no third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

A1000Castles participate “MÓN LLIBRE”, MACBA, CCCB & Plaça Joan Corominas, free admission.
“Món Llibre” is an annual children’s literature festival produced by ICUB Institut de Cultura de Barcelona and hosted by ICUB, MACBA Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art and CCCB. The venue is a unique festival full of stories, shows, cinema, performances and magical literary scenarios dedicated to the world of books. Come and meet us during the festival 🙂

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