Being close to our young readers and players, we accompany them through the essential experiences of discovery and understanding, inviting them to engage in a dialogue with us. Our digital products celebrate listening, sharing and communication, through the renewal of classic literature and the creation of safe and engaging digital playground environments.

At this time of profound transformation of the tools of entertainment and learning, which surprises us every day, we strive to keep alive the links with quality contents and historical heritage achieved over the past century and a half in books for children. We aim to connect tradition and innovation through a constant renewal of the language.

“A1000Castles” comes from a passion for the history of children’s books blending technology with art, experimentation with education and entertainment. Together, our two designers participate in creating ideas, whether for children or adults, for reading or for gaming. Every day we gather around a desk piled high with colours, books and papers, connected via Skype between tablet and PC, to exchange ideas, to experiment, to play and to test our products across the world, without barriers.